Market Message

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Market Message is an add-on module for TradeStation Technologies, Inc. TradeStation (TS) programs. Market Message combines powerful features from three of our speech programs and rolls them into one. It takes the text display feature of "Global Message View", the speech abilities of "Global Talker" and "Tick Talker" and rolls them into one easy to use program which will both speak and display complete orders for any system. This add-on tool is fully customizable to meet your individual needs. Here are a few possible speech phrases which your system can produce, "Buy 5 July Cotton at market", "Exit Long 7 March S&P at close", "Buy 5 March S&P in 2 bars", or "S&P 500 market is about to close in 4 minutes". The program will also display the orders and customized messages in a scrolling message window. This allows the user to hear the order and then check for complete details in the message window. The user can control whether the order is spoken, displayed as text, or both. This totally eliminates the need for the "Alert" feature offered by TS/SC.

The program comes complete with two powerful examples. The first is an indicator which will announce how many minutes are left before a market closes, and even sounds a siren at the "5 minute mark". This indicator can be applied to any chart and will say in a clear human voice something like "S&P 500 market is about to close in 7 minutes", with a warning siren played 5 minutes before closing.

The second example is a system which will both speak and display buy/sell orders for a simple CCI system. For example, if applied to a corn chart, the system will say "Buy 4 July Corn at market", and "Sell 4 July Corn at market". Of course the user can easily customize the contract name, number of contracts, and contract month.

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