Investment Engineering Corporation
Investment Engineering Corporation develops innovative software solutions for a wide range of applications including the brokerage profession. As a TradeStation Technologies, Inc. Solution Provider, Investment Engineering provides users with an array of PowerTools for TradeStation.

* Custom programming available to fit your needs. *

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SCANSHIFT is a revolutionary patented quote display system that allows the user to absorb market information and changing market conditions with a degree of mental and visual efficiency never before available. SCANSHIFT replaces the current quote screen displays of rows and columns with a visually ergonomic display system inspired by aircraft instrument panels and military aircraft carrier landing technology.

TradeStation World
TradeStation®World is the strategy trading and development community for  TradeStation® users that invites you to meet fellow users from around the globe, discuss trading ideas, share EasyLanguage® techniques, and more. Gain new insights on how to harness the power and flexibility of EasyLanguage to create your own trading strategies by  taking advantage of the discussion forums, EasyLanguage library, and articles written by well-known industry professionals.

A great TradeStation third party site with lots of products and systems to enhance your TradeStation experience.

Market Analytics
Market Analytics provides unique timing tools and accurate price forecasts to private traders. Use Exhaustion Bars, self optimizing momentum, and intraday S&P forecasts in your own trading to boost profits and reduce stress. Check out the weekly showcase page for free trading methods and analysis.
Market Analytics

Dr J's Planet
Dr J's Planet provides Jon Najarian's Hot Stocks, ONE Headlines and FutureFone commentary.
Dr. J's Planet

SuperTraders Jon Najarian and George Fontanills have come together to provide you with some of the vital trading information they use.
Wealth Masters

Mercury Trading
This site give an overview of Jon Najarian's Mercury Trading operation.

Turtle Trader
Turtle trading is based upon a system of risk control and money management. In times of higher market volatility, trading size is reduced. In losing periods, positions are reduced and trade size is cut back to dampen drawdowns. The central objective is always to preserve capital until more favorable price trends reappear.
Turtle Trader

Market Technologies
Market Technologies Corporation develops technical analysis and intermarket analysis computer trading software for commodities futures trading in financial markets using neural networks, moving averages, price and trend forecasts.
Market Technologies

TradeNet Financial Links Library TradeNet

Stocks and Commodities Magazine Stocks & Commodities

AbleSys Corporation
ASCTrend is a universal indicator package which works well for any markets and any time bars. It makes no difference whether the markets are commodities, bonds, stocks, currencies or any other freely traded markets. This tool makes all markets predictable and tradable. ASCTrendRadar Uncovers the Best Entries in Real-Time and End-of-Day Automatically!
AbleSys Corporation

J W Associates
The Waugh Tracking Estimator, or WTE, is a smoothing indicator without the lag and "hangover" of simple and exponential moving averages.

Traders Software Inc.
Developers of the ETS Trading System for TradeStation &. Publisher of the ETS Real-Time Fax/On-line Broadcast Trading Advisory for S&P 500 Futures, E-Mini S&P Futures & OEX Options.

Jurik Research Home Page
Reduce both noise and lag in your trading systems. Add-in functions for TradeStation, MS Excel and also as DLLs for programmers. Tools include smart moving average, zero-lag momentum, fractal trend index, optimal time warping filter, data decorrelator and dimension reducer.

Our Day Trader's Talking Toolbox
Take your TradeStation trading to the next plateau by adding the sense of "sound" to your trading decisions. Over 60 indicators (including over 20 Japanese Candlestick patterns) are ready to "talk" to you to assist in your trading . John Bonin, CFP

SirTrade Intl. (Pierre Orphelin)
SirTrade Intl (Pierre Orphelin) is an Omega Solution Provider that proposes Neurofuzzy logic tools for building automatically trading systems for use within TradeStation. Free evaluation version for download. The software also features real-time retraining during the market. We also provide general Neurofuzzy logic software for general purpose use, as well as TradeStation trading systems, indicators, technical support and custom programming.

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