HASHNUM With Database Support

16-bit Image or 32-bit Image

This product includes all the features of HashNums Global Variables and includes full database support.

An extension for Hashnums32 is available that allows object’s data to be read from a database or written to a database.  No SQL knowledge is required to access a database. However, the DLL does allow full SQL queries to be employed if required. In the following text we refer to the Hashnums32 database extensions as HashnumsDB. The standard Hashnums32 license does not allow the database extensions to be used. A new license has to be purchased.

Each HashnumsDB object can have different tables, columns or SQL queries associated with them. This information remains stored with an object while the HashnumsDB server is running. If multiple data sources are used, it is up to you to make sure the objects refer to the correct data source when their queries are executed.

Databases are accessed using Microsoft ODBC V3.0 or above. ODBC allows a wide range of databases to be accessed such as: text files as databases, Access, SqlServer, Oracle. A valid ODBC data source is required for the DLL to work. The data source should be configured using the standard Microsoft ODBC Administration tools.

Using the ODBC text drivers provides the DLL with an alternate way to read and write to text files.  

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