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Compatible with most 32-bit applications, TradeStation 9 and below, and MultiCharts 32-bit and 64-bit. Specify 32-bit or 64-bit version when ordering.

Diamond Lock is a revolutionary software product which allows developers to protect their code from hackers, software piracy, and knock offs. All too often, we hear of software which has been placed on the Internet and illegally distributed to thousands of users or TradeStation systems which have been modified slightly from the original and then resold as a new knock off system. This type of illegal activity cost developers an estimated $13.2 billion dollars of lost revenue. Nearly 1 out of every 2 copies of software is illegally installed. With Diamond Lock, you no longer have to be one of these developers loosing countless $$$ to software theft every day.

Many programs offer built-in protection against hackers by Protecting code. TradeStation, for example, allows the developer of Easy Language (EL) code to Protect their EL code from prying eyes by using a basic password protection scheme. Unfortunately, software is readily available to illegally un-protect and unlock this built-in Protection. Thus, even though the developer Protects their EL code, a hacker can easily un-protect the EL code. Once the EL code is un-protected, the hacker can rip you off and easily undo any block number checks and expiration checks you may have built into the code. The fact is the hacker can now easily modify your code ever so slightly and resell it as their own.

Diamond Lock offers superior protection by using leading edge encryption and computer finger printing techniques. First, Diamond Lock will finger print the users computer and assign a unique identification code which identifies this users particular computer. This identification code can not be altered by the user any more than your own finger print can be altered. Second, the developer issues the user a password unique to the users id code. This password has an expiration date encoded and will enable the developerís software for a specified period of time. Upon expiration, the developerís code will be rendered useless on the userís computer.

For developers only. Demo available upon request.

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