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Welcome to the wonderful world of voice alerts for daytrading. The name of the young lady whose voice was programmed into the ToolBox is “Beth,” but you can adopt her and change her name to anything you wish.

As a trader you will find Beth likened to a useful “trading assistant.” Once installed, she will remain dormant until (whatever the particular tool was programmed for) is triggered by the market. Then whatever factor that happens to be will be brought to your attention automatically. At that time you should examine all the relevant factors and make a decision about entering the market (or going flat.)

With these voice alerts you can spend more time doing other things, and less time looking for trades. For those of you so inclined, you can even hook up the output of your computer(s) sound card(s) to a larger amplifier and room-size speakers, or even to a set of 900 MHZ wireless headphones (available at Radio Shack) and walk around your home, and be notified when something is happening in the market. All this is designed to take your mind off the technical left brain and let it operate in the more relaxed and intuitive right brain side.

For those of you tired of monitoring various time frame Japanese Candlestick charts of the S&P, we have indicators “Voi - J.Candles.” Now you can assign these indicators to any candlestick chart (or regular bar chart) and let your computer speak to you when it recognizes a candlestick chart pattern. Then, you can decide what to do about it (depending on what else is going on with the other indicators and charts.) In case you have not realized it yet, the beauty of these voice indicators is that the charts don’t even have to be displayed on the screen. You can be typing a letter in your favorite word processor and hear them. As long as the pages are loaded, the chart can be in the background. The indicators will speak up when a signal is recognized. They will even tell you which chart sounded the alert by saying something like, “Shooting Star, 5 Minute.” Additionally, it is programmed to put a record of its signals into a Print Log, where you can look for the date, time and signal detected. (If you are not already familiar with Japanese Candlesticks, the tools will teach them to you.) The “Voi - TICK” alert will say something like, “Tick Alert, minus four-hundred-twenty-five,” and you never have to reset it. These are just a couple of the tools at your disposal.

In fact, there are so many tools in the ToolBox that you probably won’t want to use all of them. Many of the tools are subjective. If after trying a certain tool (for a few days) you do not find it ameliorates or enhances your personal trading methodology, then turn that particular tool “off” and concentrate on the many tools that do.

Partial Tool List

Voice Indicators
  • Squat
  • Green
  • Fade
  • Fake
  • Nothing
  • +24/-24 (TIKI)
  • 3rd Finger
  • Double/Triple Top/Bottom
  • Enthusiasm
  • Horizontal Line
  • Low Volume
  • MACD Divergence
  • RSI Divergence
  • RSI 70/30 Cross
  • Market Messages
  • News
  • Opening Bell
  • Option Expiration
  • Par Ding
  • Premium Alert
  • Say If Hi-Lo
  • Say If Open/Close
  • Say Points
  • Trailing Stop
  • Volatility
  • Volume Spike
Japanese CandleStick Recognition (Voice)
  • Bearish Engulfing
  • Bullish Engulfing
  • Dark Cloud Cover
  • Doji
  • Evening Star
  • Hammer
  • Hanging Man
  • Harami
  • Morning Star
  • Shooting Star
  • 3 Black Crows
  • 3 White Soldiers
Non-Voice Indicators
  • Prior Open/Close 0- & 1-day back
  • Prior Open/Close 2- & 3-day back
  • Previous 2-Day High/Low
  • Previous 3- &4-day High/Low
  • Prior Close -- Globex
  • Swing Support/Resistance

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