Alert Once 32-bit Image


“Alert Once” is a alert enhancement for use with TradeStation studies. It is designed to signal an “alert” condition only once per bar when “update every tick” is turned on. 

Without this enhancement, will alert you on each tick of a bar which meets your alert condition. For example, a 15-min bar in the ES market has about 150 ticks per bar. Thus, depending on the number of times your condition is met during these 150 ticks, you will get an “Alert” message box popping up each time.  You could actually get up to 150 “Alert” boxes popping up during each bar! This can be extremely annoying and distracting while trading. 

But with the “Alert Once” enhancement, you’ll only get the first “Alert” box and all others for the current bar will be suppressed---even with “Update Every Tick” turned on. 

With the “Alert Once” enhancement, you can replace or enhance the TS built-in “Alert” function. Here are some ideas:

 The “Alert Once” enhancement  is fully compatible with TradeStation 8 and can be used on multiple charts using multiple indicators.

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