Investment Engineering Corporation (IEC) develops innovative software solutions for a wide range of applications including the brokerage profession. As a TradeStation Technologies, Inc. Solution Provider, IEC provides users with an array of "PowerTools" for TradeStation and add-on modules expand the limits of TradeStation by adding new functionality and features such . These as speech, monitoring systems, and communication between/among all studies and even with other programs.

In addition, IEC offers custom programming and consulting services. We can program even the most complex, difficult systems, studies, and even stand alone C++ applications to meet your needs. With significant background in engineering, software development and investment strategy, IEC successfully integrates NASA, aerospace and military expertise with advanced Windows and graphics programming.  Our goal is to develop products with high tech content and a user intuitive interface. "We create technology which enables the professional broker to become more productive and profitable by pushing current trading technology to the edge" says Doug Deming President.

Contact Information
You may reach Investment Engineering at any of the following:


Technical Support:


(540) 254-3052

US Mail:

Investment Engineering Corporation
1066 Greyledge Road
Buchanan, VA 24066

Consulting/Custom Programming
Investment Engineering Corporation offers custom programming and consulting to meet your TradeStation needs. We can help you overcome nearly any obstacle you have encountered and can program bells and whistles you thought never possible in TradeStation. Our rates are very reasonable. We will be happy to bid your job on a flat contract amount or by the hour. No job or technical hurdle is too small or too complex for us to solve!

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